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Milo Yiannopoulos said Donald Trump’s call to find Hillary Clinton’s missing 30,000 e-mails was “brilliant” because he has people talking about how “sloppy and lazy” she was with her private server. Yiannopoulos was on CNBC Wednesday afternoon to talk about his permanent ban from Twitter on the future of free speech. Yiannopoulos weighed in on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s call for a civil level of discourse on Twitter. The controversial political commentator asked, “who’s to say it was a civil level of discourse?”MILO YIANNOPOULOS: [Twitter CEO Jack] Dorsey said that yesterday, in answer and question, he wants a civil level of discourse. Well, who’s to say it was a civil level of discourse? Plenty of people enjoy the rough and tumble of political debate, people enjoy tabloid journalism. People enjoy all sorts of different kinds of discourses. If Twitter wants to regulating how we can speak or the tone in which we can have debates, the language we can use it’s going to find all the interesting people on its network, all the creators, all the most fascinating personalities are going to leave.Milo said the recent drop in price of Twitter’s stock is due to clamping down on freedom of speech and inability to monetize the social media platform.YIANNOPOULOS: Well, Dick Costello had a relatively good reputation, the previous CEO ousted by the board for maintaining freedom of speech and not clamping down too much on freedom of expression. Dorsey does not have that reputation. Twitter is tanking for a number of reasons. One of them is it might not be possible to monetize it at all and investors are starting to realize that and getting a little bit shaky about the stock. It might not be possible to monetize Twitter’s product whatsoever. It definitely isn’t possible to monetize it without freedom of speech. And what they’re doing to drive all of the most interesting personalities away from the platform in my view is going to stall user growth even more drastically than the terrible product they have.Milo explained why he loves Bernie Sanders supporters and called them “our kind of people.”MICHELLE CARUSO-CABRERA, CNBC: You said you were here to cover the Bernie supporters.YIANNOPOULOS: Love the Bernie supporters.CARUSO-CABRERA, CNBC: As opposed to Hillary or anything else. Why do you love the Bernie supporters?YIANNOPOULOS: I love the Bernie supporters. They are our kind of people. They hate the establishment. They hate the crony capitalism. They hate the Washington elites. Many of the same things that articulate Trump supporters. Not everybody at Breitbart is a Trump supporter, but I am. And I tend to get along well with a lot of Bernie supporters.Milo said while “wacky feminists” and social justice “loons” among the Sanders crowd, there is a good portion of supporters who want to see the establishment bleed.MICHELLE CARUSO-CABRERA, CNBC: I know you’re an arch capitalist, and I think a lot of them are socialist. YIANNOPOULOS: I am. Obviously, Bernie’s support like every other politician’s support goes down in a few little brackets. So there are the crazy social justice, you know, wacky feminists, the Black Lives Matter, the campus loons. They support Bernie by and large, they are hard core socialists. They support Bernie by and large. There’s a significant portion of Bernie supporters that could be as high as 50% of his support that just want to see the establishment bleeding and many Trump voters are motivated by some of the same instincts.Yiannopoulos on Trump’s “brilliant piece of political theater” on his clarion call for Clinton’s missing e-mails:CARUSO-CABRERA: Speaking of Donald Trump today he literally said that he hopes the Russians find Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 e-mails. YIANNOPOULOS: A madman!CARUSO-CABRERA: And Hillary Clinton’s campaign people have said that Donald Trump is asking a foreign adversary to hack. You’re laughing.YIANNOPOULOS: I am laughing because the guy’s a political genius.Of course that’s what they’re saying. The New York Times dutifully repeated the Hillary Clinton party line. On Twitter they’re all up in arms about it, very high minded and shocked and pearl-clutching, what’s the reality here? They’re doing it anyway. What Trump is doing with this statement is just drawing people back to the fact that Hillary Clinton was sloppy and lazy, let’s put it in the kindest possible terms. CARUSO-CABRERA: You’re not horrified that he’s telling the Russians to look for her e-mails. YIANNOPOULOS: I don’t know if he means it, I think it’s a brilliant piece of political theater. The guy’s a genius.

Source: Yiannopoulos: Trump Brilliant Because He Got Press Calling Clinton Emails A National Security Issue | Video | RealClearPolitics

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