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WikiLeaks Just Dropped A Bombshell On The Former President One of the talking points of this election has been how the Clinton family has managed to get so wealthy. Hillary Clinton once said that they were “dead broke” when they were leaving the White House back in 2001. And yet, they somehow have millions and millions of dollars to their name. So the biggest question is this: How in the world did the Clintons go from being “dead broke” to being rich? The answer has just been revealed. The newest WikiLeaks release of Hillary’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, reveals how one of Bill Clinton’s closest friends helped gain at least $50 million in speaking fees and other activities. That was in addition to raising “the bulk” of funds for the Clinton Foundation. It also makes you wonder if President Obama had any role in this, considering that he seemed to be involved with the Clinton Foundation as well. And President Obama knew about several incidents that deal with the Clinton Foundat..

Source: Julian Assange Drops BOMBSHELL, Obama Told Top Aides To Gift Clinton $50 MILLION

Posted: October 26, 2016 in Editorial, Social